About WaveFront

WaveFront Global Asset Management is an independently owned, Canadian-based asset manager, specializing in quantitative absolute-return investment strategies. Our founders at Integrated Asset Management Corp. started WaveFront with a focus on delivering esoteric hedge fund strategies to the pension fund, endowment, and institutional marketplace, but our mission has expanded to include the democratization of those same strategies and the portfolio construction techniques that best deliver their benefits. Our approach is characterized by intensive, research-driven asset selection and robust risk management.

WaveFront’s founders, directors, and employees currently represent almost half of the firm’s assets under management, so we are deeply invested in the same funds offered to our external investors, aligning our success with theirs. We operate beyond the constraints of typical product positioning, focusing exclusively on the data-driven methodologies that will provide valuable diversification for our clients over many different market cycles. Our commitment is to deliver innovative and ethically grounded investment solutions in a format that helps.

A history of financial innovation

Our Team

WaveFront has consistently been a pioneer in financial innovation. In 2009, we introduced Canada’s first-ever daily-liquidity managed futures mutual fund. This fund is now being offered through Arrow Capital Management, a distinguished name in liquid alternatives.

2019 witnessed the launch of our All-Weather Fund, an absolute return fund designed to yield stable, superior returns regardless of market conditions. This versatile fund underscores our dedication to our clients.

In 2020, WaveFront co-introduced one of the first authentic multi-strategy funds in South Korea, in conjunction with Vogo Fund Asset Management. This collaboration strengthened our presence in Asia.

WaveFront is powered by a strong team of industry veterans and experts.

Delivering superior investment performance across a variety of strategies and global asset classes.


Our Mission

Our commitment is to innovation and excellence, fortified by decades of research and market experience. Data-driven, scientific approaches drive all our investment models. In our research, we strive to look beyond conventional paradigms and uncover unique opportunities, but without ever straying from our commitment to delivering superior returns in adverse market environments and when unanticipated shocks or ‘black swan’ events occur. WaveFront will always endeavour to profit when other hedge funds turn out to be levered long equity beta when a straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back.


Our Strategies


The WaveFront Global Investment Program seeks to deliver superior long-term absolute and risk-adjusted returns, especially during large equity market drawdowns.


The WaveFront All-Weather Fund L.P. is an absolute return fund designed to produce stable, superior returns through both favorable and unfavorable economic and market conditions.

Now available in a mutual fund format

The WaveFront Global Investment Program is now available in a daily liquid mutual fund, the WaveFront Global Diversified Investment Class (AHP 1110).

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Founded in 2003, WaveFront is a privately-owned global asset management company based in Toronto, Canada.

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