WaveFront News & Insights

May 4, 2021

CAASA - The Evolution of Quant

WaveFront is pleased to have members of its executive team, Robert Koloshuk and Roland Austrup, featured in CAASA's latest paper on quantitative investing - 'The Evolution of Quant'.

March 18, 2021

WaveFront tops Morningstar's latest review of liquid alts

The WaveFront Global Diversified Fund Class F was featured in Morningstar's latest review of liquid alt funds as the most remarkable performer in 2020. Read article

February 10, 2021

2020 CTA Challenge - WaveFront takes 1st Place

WaveFront is pleased to announce its Global Diversified Strategy placed 1st amongst all trend following strategies for the Coquest 2020 CTA Challenge. In addition, the Wavefront Global Diversified Class was ranked in the Top 10 for the month of December amongst all CTA's managing more than $10M by BarclayHedge.

January 22, 2021

WaveFront All-Weather gains 29% in 2020

WaveFront is pleased to report the WaveFront All-Weather Fund L.P. posted a +28.9% net return in 2020. Launched in late 2019, the Fund has now delivered a 29.5% net return since its inception. Learn more

December 8, 2020

WaveFront Insights - Year-End Commentary

In the wake of the 2020 US Presidential Election, and assuming no exogenous geopolitical shocks, it is worth commenting on some possible long-term trends emerging from a Biden win. Read Full Commentary

September 21, 2020

WaveFront Announces Partnership with AGF Management Ltd.

AGF Management Limited (AGF) and WaveFront Global Asset Management Corp. (WaveFront) today announced the launch of AGFWave Asset Management Inc. (AGFWave), a new joint venture for providing asset management services and products in China and South Korea. Learn More

August 19, 2020

WaveFront All-Weather gains +29.9% year-to-date

WaveFront is pleased to report a +29.91% year-to-date return for the WaveFront All-Weather Fund L.P., illustrating the importance of diversification across multiple uncorrelated and complimentary global asset classes and strategies. Learn More

April 7, 2020

WaveFront Global Investment Program gains 20.8% in March

WaveFront is pleased to report a +20.78% return for its’ WaveFront Global Investment Program in March, illustrating the importance of Managed Futures in providing portfolio protection during periods of stress. Learn More

March 26, 2020

Managed Futures During Periods of Market Stress

At WaveFront, we believe that by examining Equity market drawdowns, and integrating the most effective investment strategies to combat them, financial advisors can help provide better stability and encourage clients to stay the course over the long term. Learn More

December 1, 2019

WaveFront Launches All-Weather Fund

WaveFront is pleased to announce the launch of the WaveFront All-Weather Fund L.P., a fund which pursues stable, superior returns through both favorable and unfavorable economic and market conditions. Read More