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What Drives Us?

At our core, WaveFront is driven by the quantifiable success of our clients.  To us this means consistently delivering superior investment performance. We look to develop strong, long-term partnerships with our clients through candor, trust and full transparency. Our deep and talented investment teams are highly experienced and forward-thinking, investing with focused expertise across a variety of strategies and global asset classes.
We believe capital markets are heavily influenced by behavioral biases and structural issues which give rise to persistent and predictable investment opportunities.
We believe in applying a data-driven, scientific approach to observing and analyzing market behavior to identify long-term, repeatable sources of positive return.
We believe in measurable and repeatable processes, grounded in sound economic theory, and supported by evidence derived from rigorous analysis and testing.
We believe that successful investing does not come from understanding how the world should work, rather it comes a from practical, evidence-driven understanding how the world does work.

What We Do

Our investment philosophy is based on core principles informed by decades of research and experience through many market cycles. By applying these principles, we seek to develop investment strategies that can deliver superior long-term investment performance for our clients.

Managed Futures: globally diversified portfolio of futures, options and forward contracts, swaps and other similar instruments to give investors exposure to a broadly based portfolio of both long and short positions in agricultural and soft commodities, industrial and precious metals, energies, currencies, interest rates and stock indices.

Hedged Equity: Produce superior risk-adjusted equity market returns while seeking to hedge against systematic market risks by employing a core long/short equity strategy combined with a macro overlay.

Emerging Markets: Achieve long-term capital appreciation with significantly less volatility than the MSCI EM Index by employing a multi-strategy approach to systematically capture the economic growth potential in EM, while avoiding excessive concentration risk or volatility.

China A Shares: Deliver long-term asset growth which exceeds the performance of the CSI 300 Index by employing a multi-factor investment model combined with dynamic adjustment factors that adapt to current economic and market conditions.

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